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Updated 26 August 2016

I will update this page several times a month.  That is of course if I don’t forget.  Which I probably will.  Let me know what you’re playing in the comments section below.

Microsoft Xbox One

Nothing at the moment.  Been busy playing PS4 games.  I need to finish Doom.

Sony PlayStation 4

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: I love the franchise but this new game so far has been pretty “meh”. Maybe I should have picked it up on PC.

Nintendo Wii U

Just got Lego City Undercover in the mail.


SOMA: Keep getting murdered by something in what appears to be an old divers suit.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Hulu.  That doesn’t count?  Fuck!

Sega Saturn

Yes I still have my Saturn plugged in.  Collecting dust.

Sega Dreamcast

Sitting next to it’s father.  Also collecting dust.

Nintendo New 3DS XL

Nothing.  Can’t find the time to play on a handheld device.

Sony PS Vita

Nada (nothing).




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